5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Furniture

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Furniture is one of the last things homeowners replace. It’s often expensive to replace, so many people turn their cheek to the rips, stains and tears. However, doing so can instantly drain the life and style right out of your interior.

Since furniture is commonly used on a regular basis and are amongst the largest items in the home, they have the power to say a lot about your interior. So, let’s make sure your home is giving off the right impression – and comfort – by taking a look at these 5 signs it’s definitely time to replace your furniture.



  1. It Has a Weird Smell That Wasn’t There Before

Furniture can get smelly, especially if you have little ones around. From the spit ups to the milk spills, to regular wear and tear, it would be silly to think that furniture is exempt from this rule. However, a lot of people don’t clean their  furniture the same way or as regularly as they clean the rest of their home décor, yet they’re the largest, biggest, most used pieces in the home.

So, if old is getting a little stinky, it might be time to replace it with more modern furniture – and less smelly – items.

  1. The Nicks and Scratches have Taken Over

Furniture is going to be nicked and scratched over the years – again, especially if you have kids. Most of the times, these things can be fixed up with a little DIY concoction. However, as time goes on and the nicks continue, your furniture starts to look like the DIY as opposed to a piece of furniture with a little wear and tear.

So, replace those overly chipped, scratched and nicked furniture pieces for newer versions. Just be sure to opt for a higher quality this time to increase durability and to decrease the potential of the damage.

  1. Your Furniture Feels Lumpy

Everyone has “that one chair” they call their own. It might be the left seat on the couch, the big chair in the corner or even a specific spot around the kitchen table. You love that chair. It’s your spot. However, if that spot is starting to feel a little lumpy and less comfortable, it’s time to separate from it.

Plus, you simply can’t go wrong with a new comfy chair to call your own. You might have to work it in but after a couple of sits, you’ll feel right at home.

  1. Stains for Days

Stains are inevitable. Even if you’re incredibly careful, never fall or trip, and rarely eat outside of the kitchen, the one time you decide to take your bowl of salsa and chips to the living room is the one day you’ll spill it everywhere. It’s Murphy’s Law.

However, stains also occur naturally as your furniture ages. From mattresses to rugs, couches and cushions, blankets and linens – everything starts to stain over time, regardless of how well you take care of them.  

So, if you’ve taken a steam cleaner to your furniture and the stains still aren’t coming out, it’s time to replace the stains for some new, modern furniture.

  1. You Find Yourself Apologizing For your Furniture

We all do it! A guest comes over and you say, “Sorry for the mess,” or “Sorry for the stain there. My kids just…”. It’s part of life. However, if you find yourself constantly apologizing for the state of your furniture, it’s time to stop the sorrys and start the shopping spree. 


If this sounds like the current state of your furniture, head on over to LIFEIX DESIGN and replace all of your old, smelly, dingy, worn furniture with a simple click of your button.  



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