7 Ways of Lighting Bring Difference To Your House

Strategic home lighting can bring about many positive changes. We're not into redirecting entire circuits but replacing a table lamp, altering the shades or using a different paint that will serve to be more possible choices to lighten up your home.

Before using the right lighting in your home, get to know why you need to do so. Basically it creates bright ambience but more than that, it can also make your house visually more spacious and more aesthetically appealing.

Getting a customized lighting in your house is feasible. All you need is to act upon any of the following 7 tips.

  • Leverage light colored furniture

Using furniture in light tones is a good strategy. Dark colored sofa, like those in deep brown, maroon and black gives an dreary atmosphere. If your large pieces of furniture are in deep tones then it might paint a large dark shadow in your house, rather than produce a brightening effect. In the situation of choosing large furniture, any color that serves the purpose in the best way is white. It reflects the light, spreading the light radiantly around your room. Even if there is a power break out your house wouldn’t be too dark because the natural light that shines upon light colored furniture would help brighten up the room. Presence of light colored furniture would compensate for the light.

  • Avoid dark curtains

If the location of you house is faced directly to the sunlight then dark colored curtains for window panes might be a good idea for you to shield the glaring sunlight. On the contrary, if your intention is to let the light in, then refrain from the use of heavy, dark color curtains. Light colored curtains not only let sufficient light come in, but also create a broader looking ambience.

  • Don’t block the way of light

Never ever block the light passage in your home. In many houses, residents put plants in the galleries. In this way they not only narrow down passages but also block light by creating obstacles. First of all, never place any shelf near the windows and don’t put your sofa there or never set any desk or chair against the window walls. Further, keep the heavy furniture in the opposite direction of the light. In this way sufficient light can fill the room and more spacious the room can be created. 

  • Make Use of mirrors

Strategic use of mirrors will be a good idea to bring light into your house. Especially in the room where windows are not present and thus light passage will be a different story, then here mirrors serve the best option to spread your indoor light; they not only increase your room space but also reflect the light. In this way, your room gets brighter and more spacious. Therefore, it is better to place mirrors around the light sources to make way for maximum light gets spread in the room.

  • Use white colored bulbs

You know the color of table lamps and also of the bulbs matter a lot?  Many people like the idea of using textured lamp and truly it's not a bad thing.

However, the light distributed from the textured lamp will be less clear than the white colored bulbs because the design of it is to create a romantic or even exotic ambience rather than a bright and clear one. Just imaging the lighting in office environment and modern home, and you will find the brightness is usually created by the white colored bulbs. 

  • Paint the walls of your room

If anything can prove to be more effective in keeping your room brightened up, then surely it would be paint. Same rule of avoiding dark follows here: avoid any dark colored paint because it absorbs lights, making your room darkened. White, beige, light blue and other light colors falling in the same category serve as the best options. Even if the hue on your walls has faded it will brighten up again once you retouch it. Light colored paint can also make impact on your mood. Getting your mood lightened up is never a bad thing. 

  • Keep your home clean and clear the mess

More often than not using lighting to add brightness can not solely solve the problem. Too much mess not only bars the light to enter into room but also causes disruption in mind. It is observed that slight cleaning or just dusting of the furniture can create more spacious and bright ambience. If your house is messy or heavily occupied with scattered items then try to organize them into orders and you would end up receiving more light into the room.

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