Decorating a Small Space

City living has many obvious perks such as night life, diversity, arts, great restaurants, and culture. Then there is the downside to city life and that is the small square footage of many apartments, but a small living space shouldn’t deter your interior decorating efforts one bit. In fact, decorating a small apartment, loft, or studio should be easy and since you won’t be decorating a large home, you will be able to purchase just a few key pieces without spending an enormous amount of money.

Wall lighting

If you are decorating a small space it is always best to avoid big chandeliers or large floor lamps that will take up too much space and will make your apartment appear even smaller than it is. A stylish modern wall lamp is great for dual purposes: wall-art and lighting. Don’t be afraid to hang two, three, or four wall lamps throughout your living space to balance out the décor. When a room is brightly lit it gives it the optical illusion that the space is larger than it is. So, if you have a small apartment or loft, always remember that good lighting isn't something you should skimp on, it is a small space essential.



Since you are decorating a small space it is imperative that you stay away from a sofa sectional or anything bulky that will take up your entire living room space. Instead choose a stylish reasonably sized sofa, chair, and bench. The bench can be used both as seating or placed in the center as an impromptu coffee table. Being able to utilize multi-functional furniture allows you to maximize the space more efficiently. Separate seating pieces provides space in-between, thus a less confined seating area that is functional for daily living and guest visits.




When hung in the right place a mirror can add depth, increase brightness, and give the illusion of a larger space. The key to making the mirror work for a small space is by using it as a focal point, by hanging the mirror at the center of your wall in your seating area you will create the illusion of spaciousness. Mirrors also reflect natural light which will brighten up your home even more. 


Beautiful artwork can add life into any space, big or small. If your home decor is modern or industrial then you should choose artwork that reflects your decor style. For smaller homes, it is best to avoid extra large paintings as it will take up an entire wall and give your space an unbalanced appearance. The perfect artwork will also make a great conversational piece for when you have visitors.

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