Housewarming Gift Ideas

Being a homeowner is something everyone dreams of. Having a home to call your very own, without a landlord to answer to, is pretty amazing. Whether it's a starter home or dream home, buying a new home is always exciting. So what do you do when you get an invite to a good friend or close family member's housewarming party? You can't go empty-handed and you don't want to get them the same expected gift like a plant, flowers, or a bottle of wine. Here are some great housewarming gift ideas that will fit most budgets.

Downloadable Wall Art

If you are on a tight budget but would still like to give a nice housewarming gift buying downloadable wall art is your answer. This is especially a good idea for those who don't have that much time to shop. All you have to do is make your purchase, download, print, and frame. Wall art is always appreciated at housewarming parties because nobody wants boring plain walls in their home. The receiver of this gift will be impressed and not realize it was done on a budget. 

Table Lamps

A nice table lamp is also a nice housewarming gift idea. Table lamps come in several designs, style, and prices. The key is to choose a table lamp that matches their style. For instance, if they are minimalist then choose a minimalist style table lamp and if they are all about luxury living then a luxurious table lamp would be the right choice. The great thing about table lamps is that there are tables in most rooms so not only are they aesthetically appealing, but functional as well. 



Wooden Sculptures

Wooden sculptures are unique housewarming gifts that will put a smile on any homeowner's face. If the new homeowner is a cat lover, wooden cat sculptures would make the perfect gift. If the new home is a country cottage style home a set of wooden apple sculptures would fit right in.


Something for the kitchen

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. A gift for the kitchen is a thoughtful gift that will get plenty of use. A tiered platter can be used to serve appetizers, pastries, cakes, and mini-sandwiches on birthdays, holidays, and during family dinners or brunches. If the new homeowners are avid tea drinkers then a teapot and cup set would be greatly appreciated. Imagine the homeowner's reaction when they open up their new Natural Bamboo and Bone China Tea Set with 2 cups


Putting some thought into giving a unique housewarming gift will be truly appreciated by the homeowners and you can take some credit for helping the homeowners create a nice cozy ambiance in their new home.

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