Industrial Style Home

An industrial style home blends brick, exposed steel, and rustic wood achieving an aesthetic balance that's both welcoming and refined. Industrial style is not only unpretentious looking with its organic appeal, but it is also gender ambiguous so this type of decor/design style will appeal to many.

You can achieve an industrial style home without breaking the bank and going over your decorating budget. The key is to find a few high-quality pieces that will work together. Unlike other types of design style, industrial style doesn't have to match. The shapes, sizes, and textures can be different when creating an industrial style home so your decorating isn't limited. 




Because industrial style uses a lot of natural elements such as wood, cement, brick, and steel, choosing rustic colors will give it an even more industrial look and feel. You can also blend vintage styles and modern styles to give your home more character. 



When it comes to rugs, it is best to choose a rug that blends in with the decor rather than a rug that is brightly colored.  An animal fur rug or a neutral or rustic colored rug would be the most ideal to keep within the industrial style.

When choosing a table or bench for your industrial style home you should opt for steel or wood tables and benches. Your choice should not only look durable and solid but is built to be durable and solid because that is what industrial style is all about. 



Industrial style decor and design are part minimalism with a big dash of no-nonsense. This type of style is influenced by the industrial age when factories and machines were popularized. The integrity, strength, and hard work is seen in industrial style decor and design which makes it even more remarkable.


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